Having a Guide dog is equal parts freedom and responsibility 

Opaskoira pentuna


Getting a guide dog

Applicant should be at least 18 years old and able to take care of the dog’s needs. The Applicant should also have the aspiration for movement. The mobility instructor of the eyesight rehabilitation team of the central hospital in your area makes the first assessment on whether you would benefit from a guide dog. Nouhau makes the second assessment on request from the central hospital.

During the two-day visit, Nouhau’s instructor gets to know you and also your environment and how you move in your environment. During this time, NouHau’s instructor tells you about the use of a guide dog and you can try out walking with a guide dog. The joys and sorrows, the rights and commitments that come with living with a dog are also discussed.

After this two day visit Nouhau Guide Dog services makes a proposal for getting a guide dog, this is a report that is made for the central hospital. You can also reconsider whether a guide dog is the right option for you.  Guide dogs are assigned in application order, but applicants that already have had a guide dog take precedence.

Hospital districts and insurance companies are financing the guide dog. Other partners in this process are Opaskoirayhdistys (the Finnish guide dog association) and veterinary clinics. The eyesight rehabilitation team of the central hospital in your area will help you with the application for a guide dog. If you have lost your sight in an accident, your insurance company will help you.
You can also contact me and ask for additional information. My mobile number is 0400 858 322  you can also send email or fill the contact sheet.

Training guide dogs

Labrador retriever is the main breed for guide dogs. When choosing a dog for guide dog training a careful screening process is applied. Most of the dogs are from NouHau’s own breeding programme.

The dogs are trained to be excellent guide dogs. During the training, the individual needs of the dog and the future dog users are taken into account. The dogs are trained in different environments, in the Seinäjoki area, in the centers of the neighboring municipalities and in rural areas.

The main job of a guide dog is to guide the visually impaired person through the agreed path, to go around obstacles, to stop at the side of the road and to keep by the side of the road. A guide dog takes care of the user’s physical health and for the user’s mental health. In our comprehensive training, the dog will learn to how to negotiate escalators, and various means of transport, busses, trains, subway and trams. The dog will also be trained to indicate door handles, elevator buttons and to find the cash counter in a shop and to lead the user out of the shop after the shopping is done.

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Guide Dog services

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