Raising a guide dog puppy

Raising a guide dog puppy is a very important part of the volunteer work that enables guide dog training. Families and single persons commit to raising a guide dog puppy until the puppy is about 1 - 1,5 year old. This way they can help a visually impaired person to get a guide dog.

We organize training session for all the guide dog puppy families and individual training sessions. We provide dry dog food for the puppy and pay for the veterinary expenses. The family commits to giving many experiences for the puppy and taking care of the puppy according to the given instructions.

When the puppy is about one year old, there is a health check and the personality of the puppy is assessed that it is suitable for a guide dog training. If all the criteria are met, the actual guide dog training begins.  If the puppy is not suitable for a guide dog training or some other assistance or working dog training, it will be offered in the first place to the family that has raised it.

If you are interested in raising a guide dog puppy and help training guide dogs in this way, please contact

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